The concept behind entrer came when I was in the Galleria in Houston trying to exchange a pair of sneakers that were the wrong size for my nephew.  I’d bought these sneakers from Finish Line in Austin and chose the wrong size.  I was trying to complete this task quickly and enjoy my short out of town getaway.  Of course, the size of the Galleria is huge, and I couldn’t find this Finish Line.  The first sneaker store that I found was FootLocker, and I stopped there to get instructions to Finish Line – its competitor.  Not only am I in the competition’s store, I’m also in a line waiting to simply get directions to another store.  That’s when this thought came to mind … Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could have an app that guided me to Finish Line?

Since this time, this idea has grown in so many ways.  Not only does this app include navigation and search feature, it will transform the shopping experience through the usage of augmented reality.  As you’re shopping or just walking through the mall or airport or train station or ship, etc., you’ll get pop-ups and points for each store that you check into.  This can provide a game while you’re doing real shopping. You’ll then have action where there is no action now.  Stores will essentially come to life … with information that draw you inside their store.

Cruise ships will have the ability to offer intelligence for learning where everything is on the ship.  If you’re like me, you only learn where everything is on the last couple of days on the ship.  Sometimes, you feel lost and turned around, but with entrer, you’ll have intelligence to help you navigate the ship … still with augmented reality interaction … with simple alerts as “Remember that BINGO starts in 15 minutes and you’re 5 minutes away from its location.”

One of the most interesting things is that marketing is NOT an exact science which means that marketing spend doesn’t provide an exact Return on Investment.  Just think of the many pieces of advertisement that you receive in the mail.  Most often, you’ll simply stand by the trash and put those advertisements straight in the trash.  What about online advertisement or e-mail blast?  Their success is measured on how many clicks that happened.  However, clicks do NOT equate to a purchase.  TV and radio advertisement are very expensive and have great viewers but are equally non-exact on its effectiveness.  Businesses have accepted these low attach rates as the norm.  With entrer, we will allow businesses to upload their advertisements to our systems for free.  We want to enable business to give the end user the same experience as the advertisement but without the printing cost … as a matter of fact, even uploading to our system is free.  The only time that a payment is made to entrer is when an actual purchase is made.  This removes the guessing on whether the advertisement was effective.  And as encouragement for the consumer to leverage all that’s in entrer, entrer (not the business) will give loyalty dollars to the consumer on the generic VISA gift card that can be spent anywhere.  As a consumer, you want the best specials, but currently, you must be on lots of e-mail distribution lists.   Although you really don’t want hundreds of e-mails in your e-mail inbox, you really don’t want to miss out on the specials either. Additionally, you might get loyalty points, but it’s specific to that store.  With entrer, you’ll be able to see all of the different specials from the stores.  Additionally, you’ll be able to have loyalty dollars on your VISA that you can spend anywhere.  You can pay a utility bill with the points.

At entrer, our true goal was to scratch where it truly itches … from a retail side and consumer side.  We are trying our best to tune into that station of WII FM … What’s In It For Me?  We believe that we’re getting closer and closer to answer this question for both the retail and the consumer.

entrer … Sensible Marketing Leveraging Interactive Navigation … Come On In!